HolyWally attends City Tech Tokyo to demo how digital wallets will boost cities

A leading tech event takes place in Tokyo next week and HolyWally will be there, attending alongside over 300 other startups and more than 100 VCs. The hot topic is how technology can overcome urban issues and create new ideal cities. And HolyWally co-founder and CEO Vel Vasic will be speaking at the VIP networking event, focussing on the Singapore tech ecosystem.

The digital wallet and sustainable cities

HolyWally will be attending one of the leading tech events to show how digital wallets will boost the future development of sustainable cities.

HolyWally has already demonstrated how a digital wallet can help residents of a city such as Tokyo. They can use personalised wallets which relate to their homes and match unique services with their living and shopping habits.

City-Tech.Tokyo takes place next week, 27-28th February 2023. It is one of the world’s largest city tech events with the aim of realizing sustainable cities through open innovation together with startups.

As well as having a booth, HolyWally is an event ambassador, and co-founder and CEO Vel Vasic will be speaking at the VIP networking event, focussing on the Singapore tech ecosystem.

Participants from Japan and around the world are presenting a variety of ideas and technologies for overcoming urban issues and creating new ideal cities, including seminars, exhibitions and business discussions.

City-Tech.Tokyo is designed to tackle key questions, asking how the Tokyo Metropolitan Government can we create a resilient city that is safe and secure. A city that is decarbonized and circular, comfortable and convenient, and rich in culture and entertainment.

The event organisers highlight climate change, infectious diseases and a changing geopolitical situation: "The world is facing a significant turning point. Right now, we are being called on to use diverse ideas and technologies to create a new and sustainable model city."

Over 10,000 people are expected to attend the event, representing over 100 countries. Over 300 startups will be there, with more than 100 VCs.

The keynote address focuses on how cities change through City-Tech innovation in order to realize a sustainable society. Three world-renowned figures will share their outlooks: Ulrike Schaede, Professor at University of California San Diego/Director of the Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology; Ben Horowitz, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz; and, Kengo Kuma, architect.

HolyWally has already been invited to present ideas on how digital wallets can play a key role in a city’s development, having been selected as part of this year’s Tokyo Financial Award Mentoring Programme. It was one of 15, chosen out of 108 applicants. Some 26 countries and regions were represented by the original applicants.

HolyWally co-founder and CEO Vel Vasic said: "It has been a great honour to be involved as a startup in the future of such a major global city and one which is seen as a pioneer and innovator. We have forged great relationships between us and the city's leaders, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

“As I've said before, the city has a very progressive attitude when it comes to financial services and it’s great to see how it is working hard for its citizens and companies.”

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