HolyWally selected to join the Visa Innovation Program Europe

HolyWally is one of eight companies across Spain and Portugal chosen to join the program to help accelerate development of fintech in Europe.

Helps fintech companies to scale

The Visa Innovation Program Europe helps fintech companies to scale, and that are in the best position to engage with Visa, its clients and partners, with the aim to drive innovation within the finance and payments industry. The program was launched in 2018 and is active across all parts of Europe, with each addition searching for the fintech companies that have the highest potential to partner and conduct pilot concepts with Visa clients and partners on the continent.

In 2023 Visa received 111 applications from fintechs in Spain and Portugal, with 286 in total across Europe. Out of the 15 shortlisted fintechs, the eight selected alongside HolyWally were Dedomena AI, Dogood People, Goscore, Reveni, Toqio, Coverflex and Fraudio. The program collaborates with partners local to the chosen fintechs, including Hackquarters and Finnovating.

HolyWally co-founder and CEO Vel Vasic said: “It is a great honour to be included in the Visa Innovation Program, especially considering the high volume of applications. We are extremely happy to be included in this list of fintechs and look forward to the opportunity of working with Visa.”

The program offers partnership opportunities, market access, connections with leading VC funds in Europe, wide exposure, essential startup tools, and the chance to tap into a powerful community.

See the full Visa announcement here: https://www.visa.es/sobre-la-corporacion-visa/sala-de-prensa-de-visa/press-releases.3261611.html

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