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Decentralised Finance (DeFi) & Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a topic that gains more attention by the day. As the fintech tide continues to surge with innovation across sectors such as embedded finance and Banking as a Service, hope seems to grow that this historically tough nut will finally be cracked.

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Critical Trends Shaping The Future Of Financial Services

The world of finance is changing at a breakneck pace and there are few people who are more aware of this incredible change than Arjun Singh.

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Future of Financial Services: Digital Wallet Services

Mobile Wallets Are The New Normal. Customers are beginning to see the value of digital payments, understanding that it is a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods. Digital wallets are becoming an integral part of everyday consumer payments transactions.

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HolyWally raises US$1.4m investment round to scale its white-label digital wallet platform

Singapore, 14/02/2022. HolyWally, a white-label digital wallet platform that seamlessly connects with banks, fintech companies and retailers, has raised US$1.4m, led by M-DAQ, a leading Singapore-based fintech company, and other investors such as venture studios Finmirai and Creitive.

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Digital wallets set to dominate the payments industry

Digital wallets have taken the payments industry and the wider financial services sector by storm, but what of the future, where do we go from here?

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Wallet App development - How to develop a mobile wallet app cost effectively and quickly

Digital wallets are a huge innovation in the financial services sector and companies are scrambling to be part of the action, yet they quickly realise that building such apps can be a very expensive and time consuming project.

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