Our Story

HolyWally aims to revolutionise the e-wallet industry by making it remarkably simple for anyone in any industry to build a digital wallet that perfectly suits their business needs. In doing so, we save years of hard work and turn that into rapidly scalable value.



HolyWally began as a spinoff venture from Creitive, a global digital innovation agency with a focus on the financial services industry.

Having years of experience building and scaling fintech products, the HolyWally team saw the need to create an intuitive and user-friendly wallet platform for organisations of every kind. The result is HolyWally – a digital wallet platform that exists at the cross section of adaptability, scalability and optimised user experience.

Here at HolyWally, our mission is to give you what you need, so that you can give your customers what they need.

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HolyWally - create an intuitive and user-friendly wallet platform for organizations of every kind.

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Meet Our Team

HolyWally comprises a team of fintech experts who work for and with some of the leading FSI companies globally. We have decades of combined experience in designing and building hundreds of fintech solutions.


Veljko Vasic


John Rutledge


Tom Jakopovic


Product Team

Ana Masnikosa

UI/UX Lead

Sandeep Singh

Product Manager

Sofia Ribeiro

Associate Project Manager

Milos Zarkovic

Development Lead

Advisors & Investors

Steve Monaghan

Advisor & Investor

David Lynch


Tony Verb



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