With the HolyWally e-wallet builder, your customers can manage their insurance policies directly through the app. The platform allows you to enable a range of capabilities, including user accounts, automated claim settlements and loyalty programs to keep your customers engaged.

White-label mobile wallet platform for the insurance industry.


  • Manage insurance policies
  • Gift insurance policies
  • Deal with claim settlement amounts in a variety of different ways
  • Enable seamless transfers between insurance account & bank account
  • View information relating to insurance policies
  • Loyalty programs to keep customers engaged
  • Make insurance claims & receive claim amounts into wallet

Make a claim

Customers can make an insurance claim directly through the app by filling out a form and attaching the relevant documents. Once the claim has been approved, the claim settlement amount will be credited directly into the customer’s insurance wallet, where they can deal with the sum in a variety of different ways.

Buy insurance policies

Customers may buy or upgrade their policy directly through the app or gift a policy to a loved one. They can do this by using their bank balance or even their claim settlement amount that has been credited into their insurance wallet.


Incentives your customers by providing them with rewards such as no-claim discounts and vouchers for new insurance policies.

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