Design a satisfying 360-degree experience for your shoppers. Whether you are a small business or a megamall, choose from a wide range of automated capabilities such as digital card usage, points conversion, retail vouchers, loyalty programs and buy-now-pay-later features.

White-label mobile wallet platform for retail and e-commerce industry


  • Tiered loyalty programs
  • In-app purchases
  • Points conversion & cashback
  • Buy now pay later
  • Pay with points
  • Contactless payments

Loyalty programs

Use the HolyWally platform to incentivise your customers to shop with you. Allow them to earn points for every transaction they make at your store(s), and reward them with individualised benefits.

Points conversion & cashback

Customers can choose to deal with their earned points in a variety of ways, including converting them into vouchers for use in your store(s) or cashback credited directly into their rewards wallets.

Buy now pay later

Allow your customers to pay for big ticket items in instalments via a buy-now-pay-later feature within the wallet – a great way to be inclusive towards shoppers from different backgrounds!

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